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How To Add Facebook Login To your Website



Implement Login with facebook in your site.

Below steps are given :
• Go to the
• Login with your facebook username and password.
• Click On Menu ‘Apps‘, If you are creating your first app Then click on ‘Register as a developer’ otherwise click on ‘Create a New App
• Popup will be display ,enter given details and click on ‘Create App’


blog new


• It will open dashboard for your app with App secret key and App Id.


blog newwww 2


 • Now Click On Settings Tab and Provide Your Domain Name in Site Url and Save It.




•Now Download Facebook SDK from internet.
• Extract Zip File of SDK
• Create Folder name ‘api’ on your server.
• Keep below given files in ‘api’ folder
1. base_facebook.php
2. facebook.php
3. fb_ca_chain_bundle.crt

 Now create Login.php and Logout.php file on your server and write below given code into these files.




<title>Facebaak Api Demo</title>




include ‘api/facebook.php’;


$fb =new Facebook(array(



$user = $fb->getUser();



echo ‘<a href=”logout.php”>Logout</a>’;



$login = $fb->getLoginUrl();

echo ‘<a href=”‘.$login.'”>Login</a>’;









include ‘api/facebook.php’;

$fb =new Facebook(array(







To Download Demo Files  Click here.

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