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The team at RethinkingWeb has always proven to be professional and empathetic towards the clients requirements
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Our Team




Possess an attitute for gratitude and the rest follows.

Younus enjoys working in challenging situations and is a great visionary; he always sees the light at the end of a tunnel.




My successes drive me, and my failures strengthen me.

With diverse experience and knowledge of core designing concepts, she is a huge asset to our team.

Vidya is multi-skilled, talented and a great partner to work with. We had managed several projects together on website creation, design and solutions. Her attention to detail sense, understanding business needs and decision making capabilities makes her stand out of crowd. She is flexible, business-oriented and customer-centric. Her execution style, work quality and delivery standards make her an asset to get associated. She is always open to face new challenges, out of box thinking and generate new ideas. I am glad to work with her in my professional tenure


Vidya has an amazing attention to detail and can easily perceive things from the client's point of view. She's really so creative and the way she comes up with new ideas surprises me always. Way to go Vidya! 🙂


I have worked with her, she is very good at what she does (Design), always keen to learn new things. Like challenges in work, and very good at communication.




Technical author, Mentor, Friend, Trainer and our Digital Marketing Guru.

Anurag Sharma

COO, Kleward Consulting. 12+ years of IT experience.

RethinkingWeb has been the brainchild of likeminded young entrepreneurs. With all of the members specializing in different aspects of business, we provide a well thought solution every time we meet a client. Just designing a website is not enough, to make sure our solution befits your requirement and you get what you desire is of utmost importance.

The core team of RethinkingWeb covers all the aspects necessary and promptly goes through different services you could acquire.