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Content Development / Copywriting

Content-Development_CopywritingContent-Development_CopywritingContent-Development_CopywritingContent-Development_Copywriting_seoContent-Development_Copywriting_seo content-developmentWhile creating a website, opting for S.E.O., blogging, advertising etc., one has to be particular about accurate copywriting. You shall attract thousands of hits on your website every month with your designing and S.E.O. and S.M.O. strategies using keywords and metatags, however, if you are still not able to make sales and your website remains a Sales free zone, then the objective and a lot of money is lost. It has been proven time and again that a solid copy structure on websites induce better sales and bigger profits. And it has also been proven that most companies lose at least 90% of their potential buyers through their own website.


Content that scales search engines steadily generates colossal traffic. Once someone sees you and visits your site, the designing does not sell your product, it makes your website look attractive, what sells your product is WORDS. RethinkingWeb has a team of expert copywriters, who help you, achieve desired rankings and then persuade your visitors to buy your products converting your visitors into customers. A key thing to remember is that your website copywriting is an investment. With the right optimized content, you’ll be amazed at how quickly – through an increase in traffic and conversions – your new content pays for itself. After that the gain is all yours.

Website copywriting
A lot of websites takeoff well in terms of designing, however, with time it has been noticed that these websites falter in terms of ranking and do not fulfill their purpose of creating lead generations and sales. With appropriate and relevant content RethinkingWeb firstly helps your site improve its visibility in search engines, improving your ranking. That being taken care of, we need to make sure that once on your site, your potential customers need to be convinced about what you have at offer and close a sale on the website itself
S.E.O. copywriting
 S.E.O. content writing, when done, is with the sole purpose of attracting numerous eyeballs, as we mentioned earlier, by including keyword rich content, creating numerous backlinks etc. We do take care of the visibility factor, but then almost every company who sets up a website or hires a S.E.O. specialist wants profits for the investments made. RethinkingWeb has devised certain strategies, which optimize the content on your website in such a way that it not only attracts a lot of people to your website, but also the conversion rate for sales increases. We craft well researched content for every business to make for a great reading every time the website is visited. Not a lot of technical/ business jargons, helps us keep your content simple and easy to understand, giving your reader ample information to make a buying decision right away.
RethinkingWeb prides itself in the content that it uses for every project; a lot of our existing customers have appreciated us for the effort we put into creating reader friendly content which maintains their brand and reputation online. Remember optimized content is like a salesman for every website, well researched content and fair S.E.O. practices is half the battle won in winning a million hearts.