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About Us

We are a unique mix of like-minded people with diversified talents who are passionate about what they do.

Our core value is to always DO RIGHT by our clients by delivering on the expectations held and promises made. Our mission is to craft exceptional 360° digital solutions that enhance and enriches your business or brand.

Let’s take a look at the people behind the scenes.

Business Analysis & Project Management

Younus Poonawala

Younus has a knack of finding bugs in applications and has a natural flair for understanding and comprehending the various requirements of a business. He always has his eyes set at the big picture.

Younus Poonawala, Business Analysis, Project Management, Owner of RethinkingWeb
Han, Marketing, Sales, Business, master, marketing genius, business processes, marketing strategies, RethinkingWeb

Marketing. Sales. Business.


Han is the master of chill, our marketing genius. His dexterity lies in re-engineering complete business processes and defining impeccable marketing strategies that are spot on for businesses.

Mobile Technology Head

Mayank Pandya

With a smile on his face always, Mayank makes highly complicated native and hybrid app development look like a piece of cake. His charm is his work. He is responsible to deliver enterprise grade, highly scalable apps on time.

Mayank, Pandya, Mobile App Development tech head
Akshat Bharani

Digital Marketing Guru

Akshat Bharani

Akshat, our digital marketing strategist knows what drives quality traffic to your business online and can plan out an optimum strategy likewise.

Creative. Design. UI/UX


With a versatile portfolio of experience and expertise in designing, Samina excels at combining complex business logic with simple yet striking design.

Sam, Samina, Creative, Design, UI/UX, experience, expertise, design, business
Ivan Bayross, Ivan, Digital Marketing, Open Sourcem, digital marketing strategist, quality traffic, business online, optimum strategy

Technology Consulting

Mr. Ivan Bayross

Ivan, is our mentor, guide and our go-to person for any architectural needs. He has over 35 years of experience in consulting and delivering high performing web and mobile applications.

Our Motto

To provide 360° DIgital Solutions to Effectively and Efficiently Improve Our Client’s Products/Services With A Touch of Genius

We are a dynamic team fuelled with passion of developing web and mobile applications.

We, at RethinkingWeb, do not use technical jargon to exchange our views across the table. We strive hard to keep our communications clean and elementary.
Our in-house experts, with their years of proficiency, can easily grasp at the needs of the client and that of their business and extend them a blissful and hassle-free experience.

Our skill-set include:

  • Operating on a model of transparency and trust

  • Improving communication

  • Reducing turn-around times

  • Development and Delivery of Enterprise Applications On time.

Let us help you evolve your business online the smart way.

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