We provides a range of services to financial technology (fintech) companies to support their operations, enhance their offerings, & drive innovation.

The IT solutions in the fintech industry is to leverage technology as an enabler of innovation, customer-centricity, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance. By harnessing emerging technologies, data analytics, and robust security measures, the companies can transform the financial landscape and deliver innovative and accessible financial services to individuals and businesses.We focus on enabling seamless integration with third-party systems and services through open banking and application programming interfaces (APIs). We build secure and standardized APIs that allow for data sharing, collaboration, and interoperability with banks, financial institutions, and other fintech providers. This enables customers to access a wider range of financial services and promotes innovation through ecosystem partnerships.

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RethinkingWeb offers our clients the best of both worlds: We understand the importance of prompt and reliable IT assistance, especially in critical situations. Our knowledgeable IT consultants are available on-call to provide immediate support and guidance whenever you encounter technical issues. Whether it’s resolving system outages, troubleshooting software glitches, or assisting with user support, our responsive on-call service ensures minimal disruptions to your fintech operations

We believe in continuously improving and innovating your fintech solutions to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry. Our IT experts work closely with your team to identify opportunities for enhancement, suggest new technologies or features, and implement innovative solutions that improve user experiences and operational efficiency. By choosing us as your local Fintech Organization IT partner, you gain a dedicated team of experts committed to the success of your fintech solutions. We provide on-site and on-call support, security and compliance measures, scalability optimization, software development, and strategic guidance.

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Fintech IT services, delivered at scale

Software Development

IT teams develop and maintain custom software applications tailored to the specific needs of fintech companies. This includes creating platforms for banking, payments, investments, lending, risk management, and other financial services.

Infrastructure Management

IT teams handle the infrastructure needs of fintech companies, including network management, server administration, cloud computing, and database management for scalability, and reliability of the IT infrastructure.

Mobile and Web Development

IT teams create mobile applications and web platforms that provide users with convenient access to financial services on various devices for user-friendly interfaces, responsive designs, and seamless user experiences across different platforms.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

IT teams develop and maintain APIs that enable seamless integration with external systems, such as banks, payment gateways, and third-party financial service providers. to offer a wider range of services and expand their ecosystem.


IT plays a critical role in ensuring the security of fintech companies' systems and data. IT teams implement robust cybersecurity measures to protect against threats such as data breaches, hacking attempts, and fraud.

Technical Support and Maintenance

IT teams provide ongoing technical support to fintech companies, addressing user issues, troubleshooting system errors, and ensuring smooth operations to ensure the system remains secure, stable and up-to-date.

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