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Stay updated. Don’t depend on your website developer for making changes to your website.Stay in control of your site. Modifying content on WordPress sites are as easy as cutting a cake.

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‘Stay updated or die’ is the fundamental rule of business in the 21st century. Growing businesses needs dynamic websites that allow them to make changes on the GO. Wordpress powers more than 30% of the sites worldwide. WordPress as a platform offers you the flexibility, ease and comfort of making changes to your web content. It is the go-to CMS platform for your business. RethinkingWeb offers scalable and high performing WordPress development that makes your website loved by not only humans but also search engines.

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Why choose wordpress based website development?

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Content Management System

You manage the content by yourself. No third party dependency

When your business achieves a certain milestone you wish to update your visitors (existing and potential clients) about it. With WordPress enabled websites, you have the quintessential tools to update your website in a jiffy. Changing pages on site is as easy as using Microsoft Word. Lest not forget that RethinkingWeb offers you comprehensive training for the CMS backend that makes you publish your pages on the go.


Build new pages. Feed the search engine giants with fresh content.

Having a CMS platform like WordPress fuelling your website is like having a Ferrari in your garage. You cannot keep the website idle. WordPress offers you host of plugins and widgets that can help you keep scaling the pages and adding features to your site. It is easy, reliable and secure. Most of all, its Open Source makes it relatively FREE. Maintaining WordPress sites is easier compared to other CMS websites. Supported by global community, WordPress is the choice of the champions.

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Blog Platform

Content is the King and Blogs are kings of Content.

Did you know WordPress started as a Blogging Platform? Today, it contributes to more than 30% websites worldwide. When your backbone is built on a Blog, blogging comes in naturally. Every WordPress setup has all the necessary features for a blog. From categories to archives it helps you grow organically and share your work across social media streams.

Plugin Architecture

Add new features in two clicks. No Programming required.

Plugins contribute to the success of WordPress. We help you build and customize plugins that can help you achieve customized tasks with a WordPress website. For example, we designed a completed user management and stock data info tool for a leading fin-tech organization. We built plugins that snapped on to their existing website and helped users to gain access to privy data which others couldn’t.

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Let us help you evolve your business online the smart way.

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WordPress Website Consulting

Experts at RethinkingWeb have more than 15 years of relevant industry experience. They will understand your business idea and walk you through solutions which are:

  • Real World and Complete

  • Easy to Implement

  • Cost Friendly

  • As per latest market trend

WordPress Website Designing

Our creative design team knows how to design an intuitive, responsive and Web 2.0 compliant WordPress template. These designs are then converted to high performing WordPress templates.

WordPress Website Development

We have perfected the skill of making Google Page Speed Insight friendly pages. Each page of ours boasts over 90 in PSI scores. We write templates from scratch and keep them minimalistic. This makes our sites soar high up search engine ranking.

WordPress Website Support & Maintenance

Our primary services includes of building an excellent WordPress website for our clients but it sure doesn’t end there. Support and Maintenance is required to sustain long term website business. From Server uptime monitoring to Backups and Restoration to Plugin and Framework Upgrades when required, we tackle any problem faced any time to ensure your business is uninterrupted.



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