Co Founder

Mayank Pandya

Introducing Mayank Pandya, the Co-founder and Android Developer at RethinkingWeb. With a pivotal role in the company’s foundation, Mayank has been a driving force behind our success, contributing both as a visionary leader and a skilled Android developer.

As a co-founder, Mayank brings strategic insights and a hands-on approach to the RethinkingWeb journey. His leadership style fosters a collaborative environment, propelling the team toward innovation and excellence. Simultaneously, Mayank’s expertise as an Android Developer adds a technical edge to our capabilities, ensuring that our digital solutions are not only visionary but also technically robust.

Mayank’s dual role as a co-founder and Android Developer exemplifies the diverse talents within our team. His commitment to both the strategic growth of the company and the technical finesse in Android development is a testament to the multifaceted approach that defines Rethinkingweb

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