Developing an E-commerce Platform for Shay and Company – Natural Oils and Butters in Portland


Shay and Company have been a trusted wholesale supplier of raw oils and plant butters in Oregon since 1996. With a focus on providing high-quality products to their customers, Shay and Company has established itself as a premier supplier in the industry. They offer a wide range of raw oils and plant butters to various businesses, including skincare manufacturers, soap makers, and aromatherapy practitioners.

Problem Statement:

Shay and Company faced the challenge of effectively showcasing their product range and providing convenient ordering options to their customers. They needed a comprehensive solution to develop a website that would serve as an online catalogue, facilitate wholesale ordering and also provide information about their retail shop for walk-in customers.

Solution: RethinkingWeb proposed a solution to address Shay and Company challenges. We designed and developed a user-friendly website that would effectively showcase their product offerings, streamline wholesale ordering processes, and provide information about their retail shop. The solution included the following key elements:

  • Website Design and Catalog: Collaborating closely with Shay and Company, we designed a visually appealing website with a clean and organized layout. The website served as an online catalog, featuring detailed product descriptions, images, and specifications to help customers make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Wholesale Ordering System: We implemented a secure wholesale ordering system that allowed registered customers to browse the product catalog, view wholesale pricing, and place orders conveniently. The system incorporated features such as order tracking, invoicing, and secure payment options to streamline the wholesale ordering process.
  • Retail Shop Information: We included a dedicated section on the website to provide information about Shay and Company’s retail shop. This section highlighted the location, operating hours, and the range of products available for walk-in customers. It also showcased the personalized shopping experience and knowledgeable staff at the retail shop.
  • Responsive Design: The website was designed to be fully responsive, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for customers on various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We optimized the website’s content and structure using SEO best practices. This included incorporating relevant keywords, meta tags, and improving page load speed to enhance search engine visibility and attract organic traffic.


Implementation: The implementation process involved close collaboration between the RethinkingWeb and Shay and Company teams. We conducted thorough discussions to understand their requirements, designed and developed the website, and integrated the wholesale ordering system. Regular communication and feedback loops ensured a smooth implementation process.

Results and Achievements: The collaboration between RethinkingWeb and Shay and Company resulted in significant achievements:

  • Improved Online Presence: The new website provided Shay and Company with an improved online presence, showcasing their product range and expertise as a wholesale supplier. The visually appealing design and detailed product catalog attracted potential customers and established credibility.
  • Streamlined Wholesale Ordering: The implementation of the wholesale ordering system simplified the purchasing process for registered customers. This resulted in increased efficiency, faster order placement, and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Increased Retail Shop Visibility: The dedicated section on the website about the retail shop improved its visibility and attracted local customers. The provided information about the shop’s location, operating hours, and available products encouraged walk-in customers.
  • Responsive Design: The responsive design ensured a seamless browsing experience for customers on different devices. It allowed them to explore Shay and Company’s product catalog and place orders conveniently, regardless of their preferred device.
  • Enhanced Search Engine Visibility: The optimized website structure and content improved search engine visibility. This led to increased organic traffic from potential customers searching for raw oils and plant butters, further expanding Shay and Company’s customer reach.

By implementing these solutions, RethinkingWeb successfully helped Shay and Company improve their online presence, streamline wholesale ordering processes, and provide information about their retail shop, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and expanding their customer base.

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