Developing Sarmaya – A Digital Museum & Gallery in India


Sarmaya, a pioneering cultural institution in India, aimed to revolutionize the museum experience by creating a digital platform that brings art, culture, and heritage to audiences across the country. This case study focuses on the development of Sarmaya’s digital museum and gallery, offering a rich and immersive cultural experience accessible to people from all walks of life.

Problem Statement:

Traditional museums and galleries often faced limitations in terms of physical space, geographical reach, and accessibility. Sarmaya sought to overcome these challenges by leveraging technology to create a digital platform that showcases India’s diverse artistic heritage in an engaging and inclusive manner.


In collaboration with a specialized team of developers and curators, Sarmaya developed a state-of-the-art digital museum and gallery. The solution aimed to offer an interactive, educational, and visually captivating experience that seamlessly blends art, history, and technology.
Key Features and Functionality:

The Digital Museum and Gallery at Sarmaya incorporated the following key features:

  • Virtual Exhibitions:

Curated virtual exhibitions that showcase a wide range of artworks, artifacts, and cultural treasures from different periods and regions of India. These exhibitions provide detailed information, multimedia content, and interactive elements to enhance the visitor’s understanding and engagement.

  • 360° Virtual Tours:

Immersive 360-degree virtual tours that allow visitors to explore various galleries and exhibitions within the digital museum. Users can navigate through the virtual space, zoom in on artworks, and access supplementary information.

  • Collections and Artifacts:

Digitized collections of artworks, sculptures, textiles, photographs, and historical artifacts, presented with high-resolution images and comprehensive descriptions. Users can browse and search the collections based on themes, artists, or time periods.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences:

Integration of AR technology to provide interactive experiences, such as virtual art installations, allowing users to place and interact with digital artworks in their physical surroundings.

  • Educational Resources:

A dedicated section featuring educational resources, including articles, videos, podcasts, and interactive learning modules, to deepen visitors’ understanding of Indian art, history, and cultural heritage.

  • Online Events and Workshops:

The digital platform facilitates online events, live discussions, and virtual workshops, enabling visitors to engage with artists, curators, and experts in real-time.

  • User Interaction and Social Sharing:

Interactive features that allow users to like, comment, and share their favorite artworks or exhibitions on social media platforms, promoting community engagement and awareness.

Cybersecurity ecosystem

Implementation and Benefits:

The implementation of the Digital Museum and Gallery at Sarmaya brought forth several benefits:

  • Accessibility and Reach:

The digital platform extended the reach of Sarmaya’s collections to a wider audience, transcending geographical boundaries and providing access to art and culture for individuals who may not have the opportunity to visit physical museums.

  • Immersive Experience:

The combination of high-quality visuals, interactive elements, and multimedia content offered visitors an immersive and engaging experience, fostering a deeper connection with the artworks and artifacts.

  • Preservation and Conservation:

Digitizing and showcasing artworks digitally helped preserve and conserve cultural heritage by minimizing physical handling and exposure, ensuring their longevity for future generations.

  • Educational Opportunities:

The platform served as a valuable educational resource, catering to students, researchers, and enthusiasts by providing in-depth information, curated collections, and interactive learning experiences.

  •  Flexibility and Scalability:

The digital nature of the platform allowed for easy updates, additions, and expansion of the collections and exhibitions, ensuring a dynamic and evolving experience for visitors.

Conclusion: The successful development and implementation of Sarmaya’s Digital Museum and Gallery by Rethinkingweb have brought about a significant transformation in the art and culture landscape. By Rethinkingweb, Sarmaya has created a seamless and immersive digital platform that expands access to diverse artworks. This initiative has enriched the art experience, fostered cultural appreciation, and positioned Sarmaya as a leader in the digital art realm.


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